CINCH Project

About CINCH Project

CINCH Project takes collaborative learning to a whole, new Web 2.0 level. It engages today's net-generation students in active, project-based learning, leveraging the digital social skills they use every day. With CINCH Project teachers can now offer an educational experience in line with today's technological realities, to better prepare their students for the emerging 21st century workplace.

In a secure online environment, students work and collaborate on projects with a set of digital tools designed to increase the involvement and quality of work for all students. CINCH Project is an exciting technology that helps educators move away from the text-and-lecture model towards the rich learning experience of student-centered, collaborative education.

Student Collaboration and Teacher Support

CINCH Project - Collaborative Project Groups

Using CINCH Project, teachers can divide their classes into collaborative project groups.

Then, students take charge of their own learning. A collaborative organizational feature helps the students create projects, assign tasks, and select due dates for different sections of the project. Their student-driven learning environment supports collaboration, inquiry-based learning, and the development of higher-level thinking skills.

Teachers can monitor progress, choosing to add comments and suggestions to individuals, a single group, or to all the groups.

Build a Working Educational Community with Digital Tools

The discussion Blog helps create a community that encourage students to explore project topics together. The Blog promotes and records collaboration, so all voices can be heard and referenced. CINCH Project - Project Material

Using the Wiki, students can post multiple drafts of their project contributions as they evolve for other group members to view. Using the comment tool, project members can add suggestions or details to a posted draft. The Wiki enables revisions from many hands, but keeps track of all versions.

Visual material—photos, drawings, illustrations—can be uploaded by students and integrated with texts.

The "TRIVIA" Tool is an active learning feature that students use to create multiple choice quizzes, incorporating fun facts and important content details from their projects. Because it's digital, it's easy for students to share their quiz online or using interactive whiteboards, and to involve those beyond their individual group or classroom.

Choices for Presenting Completed Work

CINCH Project - Presentation Options

CINCH Project offers a rich range of options for students to present their work:

Online Articles are created with collaborative writing tools.

The Slide Show helps project groups digitally organize their images and information into a cohesive presentation. It offers students both preset template layouts, as well as the opportunity to control the timing, content, and order of all slides.

The Poster option gives the project groups the ability to organize the visual content with a set of six unique and printable page templates.

Printouts for Distribution: Project groups can use their printouts to create unified poster or to publish presentation handouts.

Developing 21st Century Skills

CINCH Project - Real-world Preparation

CINCH Project

  • builds classroom learning communities
  • enables collaboration in active, engaged content learning
  • helps develop critical thinking, collaborative strategies, and problem-solving skills
  • grows self-directed learners

CINCH Project helps to better prepare students for the wide variety of real-world literacy needs created by today's technology.

With CINCH Project, McGraw-Hill connects the engagement of digital socialization with digital learning to create a richer educational experience for today's students while fostering their development of 21st century skills.

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