CINCH Mathematics

About CINCH Mathematics

Can we improve math learning for today's young students through their engagement with the digital world?

How can we use technology to support teachers and make it easy for them to deliver effective, individualized instruction?

You'll find the answer with CINCH Mathematics.

This complete, digital, teacher-led K-6 math curriculum uses the power of interactive whiteboard teaching to engage students in learning math. Read more

For teachers, the online power of CINCH Mathematics provides benefits far beyond the conventional supplementary program or textbook and teachers edition model. It offers immense resources and flexibility for

  • curriculum planning
  • lesson design
  • assessment
  • differentiating instruction

all developed with the expertise of McGraw-Hill's long history in mathematics education.

Because it's digital, it easily makes lessons for all grades available to every teacher. They can choose to review or reteach earlier material, and enrich and advance their classes as they require. What textbook program offers these possibilities?

Teachers save hours of prep time and find support throughout their teaching day with

  • intelligent tools
  • creative teaching ideas
  • tips for whiteboard teaching. Read more

CINCH Mathematics costs significantly less than conventional textbook programs and also supports the Green initiatives in your school. It has versatile technology that can be used with computers,

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